WE ARE WISCONSIN premiered at Toronto's HOT DOCS to sold-out audiences and received standing ovations at all three screenings.


"Wisconsin deserves the title for how perfectly it captures the cultural and political atmosphere of contemporary AmericaThe fiery conviction of its subjects is inspiring and I think that Wisconsin is a film that can really make a difference..."  www.cinemablographer.com

ArT and Threat : "The film is magnificently shot..."

WE ARE WISCONSIN from Amie Williams on Vimeo.

WE ARE WISCONSIN! is a feature documentary film now being produced that follows the day-to-day unfolding of public outcry against Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker's controversial budget-repair bill, focusing on the human story behind a remarkable popular uprising forged on the floor of the Madison Capitol. The film asks the question "Why should we care about what's going on in Wisconsin?," on multiple levels, through an in-depth profile of six leading individuals central to the story: a UW- Madison student leader, a county social worker, a nurse, a high school teacher, a police officer and an unemployed electrician who come out to protest what they see as a direct attack on their livelihood. They all meet inside the capitol over the course of what became an historic twenty-six days, February-March, 2011. The film will also amplify why Wisconsin has become ground zero for so many disparate groups, awakening a sleeping giant of collective voices, alarmed and angry at the new hyper-conservative wave of local government sweeping the Midwest. At a time when mass demonstrations have become increasingly rare in America, this film will explore what it takes to spark a social movement. Some are calling what happened in Wisconsin an Egypt-like uprising in American politics, where collective public outrage transforms a nation.

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